Artist Joana Linogao utilises perspective, shape and form to create a sense of tranquillity

Using a combination of dynamic brush strokes and geometric shapes, artist and designer Joana Linogao creates exciting, bold and playful prints full of vibrant colours and abstract shapes. Joana, born and raised in London now working and living in Texas, USA creates her prints through a combination of digital design, photoshop, and traditional medium and craftsmanship, such as painting, stencils and experimentation.

pattern to print2

Joana states her prints are her “way of expressing her artistic vision”, as well as expressing herself. Using a strong colour palette and a strong sense of shade and tone, Joana utilises perspective, shape and form to create a sense of tranquillity through her designs. Traditional geometric shapes are made contemporary through Joana’s unconventional and striking colour palette.


Her distinct compositions are unique in their combinations of intense colours, bold forms and expressive shapes, which allows Joana’s design to lend itself in to fashion products. Joana embraces her passion for the use of colour and she takes her inspiration from observing various environments. The combination of textile techniques utilized by the artist, include dyeing, printing, painting collage and stitch, and she works on both paper and fabric. The unique quality of her work comes from a desire to explore colour and its impact on various media, surface and technique and combine this with fashion.



Textile designer Vanessa Lam creates safe haven with organic installations

Vanessa Lam is an artist and textile designer based in Manchester you should definitely know about. Aiming to create a safe space for the viewer by focusing on his /her wellbeing, her work is a response to the contemporary fast-paced environment governed by high levels of stress.

Lam uses unconventional materials in her designs, which she produces using machine knitting techniques to develop three-dimensional structures similar to the ones found in nature. She allows them to develop organically in order to reflect the environment as naturally as possible. “I allow these materials to dictate the movement and form of the pieces”, Vanessa said.

Vanessa Lam – Bruntwood Commission

She wants to aid the person who is observing her art to connect to the world around us with visual and tactile properties. Thus, she doesn’t just make designs, she creates experiences for people to help them deal with their emotions, simply by interpreting the shapes that form our world.


Vanessa Lam – Cluster
Vanessa Lam – Cluster

Cluster, her latest installation, which is currently exhibited at Manchester craft and design centre, has a fluid movement rendered by the unusual material adorned with delicate patterns. The pale colours dominating the piece have the purpose of bringing relief to the everyday human stress and enveloping the viewer with a sense of calmness.

Vanessa Lam – Cluster
Vanessa Lam – Lighting

The installation “Lighting” is shown until the 1st of September.

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