Graphic Designer Yi Du making shapes and patterns dance with her new book

Yi Du is a graphic designer originally from China, now based in London where she is studying an MA in Design For Communication. Yi’s repertoire consists of a broad range of projects from publications to visual identities. After studying electronic science and technology of china at the University of China, Yi realised her passion and skills revolved around design and visual communication, prompting her to move half way across the world to focus and develop her passion.

Her latest project Dancing Curves is a handmade book ,the concept is to make curves dance through design and binding. This is a playful and highly interactive book whose target audiences are children and people who are interested in unusual binding methods, along with a strong sense of colour and shapes. Yi has used a very authoritative and powerful colours on each of her pages, as this helps deliver and execute the concept. Putting a light colour on a darker background creates the illusion the object is further away than it actually is, while darker colours make them seem slightly closer than their true position. So, you can use colours to change the apparent shapes of rooms. Yi’s clever use of colour has allowed her to create illusions through a combination of shape and colour.

dori_dancing curves_3a
Dancing Curves

Yi’s diverse background experience is what makes all her projects so unique and individual. With a strong presence of colour in all her projects, her work is immediately distinguishable.  While people traditionally identify books with words, Yi divorces this approach by using shape, pattern, colour and clever binding to tell a story.

Dancing Curves
Dancing Curves
Dancing Curves
dori_dancing curves 1
Dancing Curves

You can see more of Yi Du’s projects here –


Jake Colemans collages take us to the unique grasps of his imagination

Jake Coleman is a multi-disciplinary designer from Chicago, currently working in London. Whilst Jake balances his life across two continents, he is a freelance creative director at Haight Brand, a music and film management company out of Chicago. He assists in everyday design tasks that range from tour branding to web design and merchandise. Jakes way of working often varies between each project, frequently switching up his techniques and experimenting, though he is most well-known for combining hand-rendered techniques with digital executions.

Most recently, Jake has been working on tour flyers for Towkio, a Chicago based rapper. These individual show fliers are for the first leg of a 3-legged tour across Australia, Europe and North America. Jake explains Towkio’s new album ‘WWW’ or ‘Worldwide Wave’ was the first album to drop in space. His cover shoot, shot on an iPhone by Marcus Hyde, assisted to visualise this new transcendence. The contrast that’s built between the astronaut suit and the Mayan Pyramids is also used to aid in illustrating that point. So, for each of his four European shows, a simple execution of ripping and masking printed paper behind the artist was needed. This can be interpreted in many ways, one of them being an un-layering of the surface. Another showing the artist entering a new dimension that’s represented by the specific city.


Jakes handmade collages delight in the unique grasps of the imagination. Looking at his work has an immediate impression on the viewer. The constant pushing of his practice allows Jake to constantly evolve, look for answers, avoiding a defined ‘style’, and present us with something new with each project.


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