Emotional and expressive states are the driving force behind illustrator Aysha Choudhury’s work

Aysha Choudhury is an artist and illustrator from the United Kingdom. Her work can easily transport you to another world, emotional and expressive states are the driving force behind Aysha’s work, her use of shape and a vibrant colour palette to visualise such abstract thoughts.

Aysha has been involved various exhibitions across London in galleries such as RichMix and 508 Kings road gallery. She is the winner of the Heath Robinson- Illustration Competition 2016 and was exhibited in the Heath Robinson Museum 2017. She uses her work to unleash her imagination and her use of color help to subconsciously inspire those emotions in the viewer.

Aysha uses her ingenuity to grow and develop in her work using mainly traditional mix media. It enables Aysha to create stories portraying a sense of journey with symbolism that uses true elements of nature and colour. As well as the contrast of structure and motion of movement that might be encapsulated in her paintings.

You can see more of Aysha’s work here – http://www.ayshaarts.com

Deer in the forrest (low)










Adidas jumps on the World Cup trend by featuring Mo Salah and Gabriel Jesus in new campaign

The world is happily suffering of the 2018 World Cup fever, and brands are rejoicing at this. Adidas is one of those that jumped on the football trend with its latest campaign consisting of a trio of films, two of which feature the sport’s newest sensations: Gabriel Jesus and Mo Salah.

At the core of the very cinematic project is the positive message “Here to create”, which is illustrated by the narratives of the videos. The first story is that of Gabriel Jesus, a Brazilian footballer who, last World Cup, was just a 16 year-old teenager painting the streets of his district, Jardim Peri, situated in the famous city Sao Paulo. He talks about his journey from a little boy playing football in the street, to painter, to World Cup player. Jesus encourages people to dream, using his story as proof that anything can happen. At the end of the film, there’s a text that reads the campaign’s message, suggesting he is here to create history.

gabriel jesus
Source: Adidas Football Twitter

The second ad of the series shows the emotions, the pressure and the atmosphere players experience on the field. Mo Salah, the star of this film, explains how the large number of people calling his name when he’s out there doing his magic with the ball, inspire him to create. The images alternate between black and white and colour, building a strongly emotional footage.

mo salah
Source: Adidas, Daily Mail

In the third and last video, Spain citizens, including some big football names like Iker Casillas, demand passion, greatness and creativity of their national team. A child looks straight into the camera and convincingly tells Spain’s team “Show me something I can tell my grandkids about”.  Another man assertively says “I want that cup. I want gold”, and is followed by a woman agreeing with him by forcefully saying “Me too”.

Source: Adidas – Spain | Demand Greatness on Youtube

The film trio created by Iris, the agency appointed as Adidas’ Footballs Lead Global Agency, adopts the language of the country where each featured footballer is from, and uses English subtitles. This makes the message of the campaign stronger, and wonderfully depicts that the World Cup is rendered a phenomenon by a multitude of nations that made history in this sport.


Illustrator Laura Parker on using her Illustration practice as a platform for social issues

London based Illustrator Laura Parker’s colourful portfolio is filled with drawings, installations and paintings of insects, birds, abstract sculptural creations; whether it’s sewn-like human bodies hanging from the ceiling or ceramic sculptures of human bodies with a bird’s head. It’s fair to say Laura’s work is instantly recognisable, due to its unique and personal approach.




Born in rural Norfolk, Laura uses her Illustration practice as a platform for social issues and campaigns she feels passionate about. An example of this is one of her most recent projects ‘Grow Wild – As free as a bee’. Grow Wild was created and motivated by our need as a society to help our Bumblebees in the UK since being listed as an endangered species.


The importance of bumblebees is often overlooked, as their population has plummeted nearly 90 percent. The threats facing the population of bees are argued to be a result of: loss of habitat, diseases and parasites, pesticides, and climate change. This is a big deal not only for bees but for people, too—after all, bees pollinate a lot of our food.  “Bumblebees are among the most important pollinators of crops such as blueberries, cranberries, and clover, and almost the only insect pollinators of tomatoes,” according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Laura was funded to create a body of work as part of the Grow Wild Get Creative Takeover at Summer hall in Edinburgh. She aims to use her talents and unique illustration style to bring awareness to this significant issue and encourage people to take action. “For this exhibition I didn’t just want to highlight the issue, but also help towards a solution, so as well as this installation people were also encouraged to take home a pack of wildflower seeds, to grow.”

Get Creative Takeover MFG

Get Creative Takeover MFG

Get Creative Takeover MFG

Laura incorporates a wide variety of media within her work and enjoys the challenge of combining illustration with textile processes. This enthusiasm to combine different materials and mediums ensures each project she works on is unique to the other, whilst keeping her distinguished style. Laura’s unconventional drawings and unorthodox compositions expand the viewer’s creative muscles. Her drawings prompt us to acknowledge the issues she highlights. Her work challenges conventions and offers new forms of visual expressions that have not seen before.



You can see more of her projects here – https://www.lauraparkerillustration.com/




Illustrator Eloise Grohs on post-graduation realities

London based Illustrator and Visual Communicator Eloise Grohs creates distinct characters whose gangly limbs flow with movement and rhythm. Interchanging between digital and mixed media, dense black outlines and no outlines at all, Eloise’s work is full of charm because of these boisterous and energetic bodies.

Eloise’s work is varied both in her choice of materials and the subjects she chooses to focus on. The subject of her work focuses around everyday life and taking mundane subjects and tasks and creating innovative, unique and playful illustrations from them, which despite their craziness are extremely relatable.  A flick through Eloise’s portfolio demonstrates her colourful and distinctive style as a release of emotion and expression.

“I can poke fun at things I dislike (mainly about my retail job) in my illustrations. Drawing the things that frustrate or bother me is my creative outlet. Getting them out on a page lets me laugh at them, make them seem small, or just clear my mind of them.”

Eloise’s project ‘Post graduation’ focuses on her perceptions and fears of graduating followed by her post-graduation realities.

Post Graduation
Post Graduation
mirror mirror x
Post Graduation

“I tend to illustrate my daily woes. Monotonous time-consuming activities that filter into my day, or things that bore me, tend to be repeated sources of inspiration/themes within my work”

Despite being a seemingly light-hearted series, Eloise tackles issues and fears which are extremely common head on and presents her solution in the form of a mixture of digital illustration and craftmanship, which due to the execution viewers can find comfort in. Eloise’s illustrations may look straightforward but there’s deeper meaning hidden within. Filled with painting, collage skin tones, rainbows, white space, grids and minimal typography is really important to Eloise’s pieces.

lifting my spirits
Post Graduation
Post Graduation
Post Graduation


You can see more of Eloise’s work here:
Website – www.eloisegrohs.com
Instagram – @e.____g