Illustrator Eloise Grohs on post-graduation realities

London based Illustrator and Visual Communicator Eloise Grohs creates distinct characters whose gangly limbs flow with movement and rhythm. Interchanging between digital and mixed media, dense black outlines and no outlines at all, Eloise’s work is full of charm because of these boisterous and energetic bodies.

Eloise’s work is varied both in her choice of materials and the subjects she chooses to focus on. The subject of her work focuses around everyday life and taking mundane subjects and tasks and creating innovative, unique and playful illustrations from them, which despite their craziness are extremely relatable.  A flick through Eloise’s portfolio demonstrates her colourful and distinctive style as a release of emotion and expression.

“I can poke fun at things I dislike (mainly about my retail job) in my illustrations. Drawing the things that frustrate or bother me is my creative outlet. Getting them out on a page lets me laugh at them, make them seem small, or just clear my mind of them.”

Eloise’s project ‘Post graduation’ focuses on her perceptions and fears of graduating followed by her post-graduation realities.

Post Graduation
Post Graduation
mirror mirror x
Post Graduation

“I tend to illustrate my daily woes. Monotonous time-consuming activities that filter into my day, or things that bore me, tend to be repeated sources of inspiration/themes within my work”

Despite being a seemingly light-hearted series, Eloise tackles issues and fears which are extremely common head on and presents her solution in the form of a mixture of digital illustration and craftmanship, which due to the execution viewers can find comfort in. Eloise’s illustrations may look straightforward but there’s deeper meaning hidden within. Filled with painting, collage skin tones, rainbows, white space, grids and minimal typography is really important to Eloise’s pieces.

lifting my spirits
Post Graduation
Post Graduation
Post Graduation


You can see more of Eloise’s work here:
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Instagram – @e.____g



Artist Joana Linogao utilises perspective, shape and form to create a sense of tranquillity

Using a combination of dynamic brush strokes and geometric shapes, artist and designer Joana Linogao creates exciting, bold and playful prints full of vibrant colours and abstract shapes. Joana, born and raised in London now working and living in Texas, USA creates her prints through a combination of digital design, photoshop, and traditional medium and craftsmanship, such as painting, stencils and experimentation.

pattern to print2

Joana states her prints are her “way of expressing her artistic vision”, as well as expressing herself. Using a strong colour palette and a strong sense of shade and tone, Joana utilises perspective, shape and form to create a sense of tranquillity through her designs. Traditional geometric shapes are made contemporary through Joana’s unconventional and striking colour palette.


Her distinct compositions are unique in their combinations of intense colours, bold forms and expressive shapes, which allows Joana’s design to lend itself in to fashion products. Joana embraces her passion for the use of colour and she takes her inspiration from observing various environments. The combination of textile techniques utilized by the artist, include dyeing, printing, painting collage and stitch, and she works on both paper and fabric. The unique quality of her work comes from a desire to explore colour and its impact on various media, surface and technique and combine this with fashion.



Illustrator Parys Gardener aims to highlight the voices and narratives of Black women

Parys Gardener is a Bristol based illustrator and digital designer who has produced work for GAL-DEM magazine, a creative collective comprised of over 70 women and non-binary people of colour and worked with Black history month Bristol.

Her style of work could most easily be described as contemporary pop art. With her work, Parys aims to highlight the vioces and narratives of Black women and other WoC (Women of colour).

Parys works mostly with colour, tone and pattern across digital mediums and is passionate about communicating theories surrounding identity and culture. She often takes inspiration from her own background and family history, particularly her grandparents.

” I’m massively inspired by the strength and the legacies of my grandparents, particularly my grandmothers who were part of the Windrush generation. The more I learn about their lives, the more I become inspired to work hard. I’m also extremely proud of my heritage and I find the theories surrounding cultural identity. Those themes are always subconsciously influencing my work.”


Working in portraiture and the human figure, Parys combines traditional and contemporary formats of illustration and motifs with modern modes of representation. Parys’s strong use of powerful colours forces you to confront the issue she is conveying and presents it in a unique yet relatable manner.

One of Parys’s goals is using her work to reclaim the voices of Black women and other WoC (women of colour) and inspire others to make women of all backgrounds the centre pieces of their own narratives.

Office Romance

With her work, Parys aims to break down stereotypes and use it as a platform to support women of colour. Her work reclaims the voice of black women by challenging stereotypes and presenting society with a new, alternative and far more accurate representation. Using her work as a platform and voice, Parys hopes her work will normalise the image of black women and other WoC being seen as active figures in a range of narratives.

Lady Like/ To Sit Like a Lady

You can see more work from Parys at @Parysgardenerart on Instagram

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