How junior designer went from film sets to digital media

We have been chatting with junior designer Jafor Abu. He tells us about being a landscaper on films including Star Wars Rogue, getting “hot and sweaty” in his project work and a part-time job in Sainsbury’s.

Jafor studied Film Production at the University for the Creative Arts, graduating in 2014.
A year later, he started work in the film industry as a landscaper working on films such as The Huntsman, The Winter Soldier, Star Wars Rogue One, The Mummy and
Kingman 2, to name just a few.

Jafor Abu

“I have always had a passion for the film industry and because of this, I always brought the digital software into every small film project I took part in”, said Jafor.

“The film industry days were very hard as it included waking up early and coming home late but I never complained as this is what I wanted to do and eventually I wanted to work my way into the art department at Pinewood Studios or Warner Bros Studios Leavesden.”


At the time Jafor was also working in Sainsburys part-time but he soon realised it was becoming difficult to juggle his personal and work life.

He said: “I was working at a film studio for five days a week and at Sainsbury’s for two days, which left me with no time to relax or spend time with family, which is really important to me.

“I had to keep my second job at Sainsbury’s because the film jobs were only available on contract terms. When there was a job, I got a call otherwise I was waiting around for at least a month for a call.

“As much I loved the film industry and the people I had worked with, as an individual I could not rely on just hope or getting by.

“I really had to find something and go hard at that and work my way up.”

Jafor then decided to take a step back from the film industry and delve into the world of freelance.


For almost two years he worked as a freelancer on short-term contracts until he was appointed as junior graphic designer at Inner Media, a digital agency, this year.

Jafor said: “In my role, I love the freedom of creativity, which leads me to show my full potential of my skills when designing.

“Sometimes it gets too hot and sweaty when you are up to your eye balls with work but that is in any work place, I prefer to get all hot and sweaty at something I really enjoy.

“I have always found the digital software’s such as Adobe Suit very interesting.

“No matter what problems I may face when dealing with a project, there is always assistance and help from my fellow work peers, I work with a beautiful team.

“My goal for the future is to keep on going with design and never look back. I want to ensure that whatever I do, I want to leave a smile on everyone’s face.”




Copyright: Jafor Abu


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