Artist Joana Linogao utilises perspective, shape and form to create a sense of tranquillity

Using a combination of dynamic brush strokes and geometric shapes, artist and designer Joana Linogao creates exciting, bold and playful prints full of vibrant colours and abstract shapes. Joana, born and raised in London now working and living in Texas, USA creates her prints through a combination of digital design, photoshop, and traditional medium and craftsmanship, such as painting, stencils and experimentation.

pattern to print2

Joana states her prints are her “way of expressing her artistic vision”, as well as expressing herself. Using a strong colour palette and a strong sense of shade and tone, Joana utilises perspective, shape and form to create a sense of tranquillity through her designs. Traditional geometric shapes are made contemporary through Joana’s unconventional and striking colour palette.


Her distinct compositions are unique in their combinations of intense colours, bold forms and expressive shapes, which allows Joana’s design to lend itself in to fashion products. Joana embraces her passion for the use of colour and she takes her inspiration from observing various environments. The combination of textile techniques utilized by the artist, include dyeing, printing, painting collage and stitch, and she works on both paper and fabric. The unique quality of her work comes from a desire to explore colour and its impact on various media, surface and technique and combine this with fashion.



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