Juxtaposition: Turning a period home into a contemporary piece of art

Scrolling through Instagram posts, it is only natural to pine over luxurious houses and their extravagant interiors.

Many of us are guilty of it, all those interesting designs and brave splashes of colour.

I have been researching just how interior designers such as Kelly Wearstler and Nina Campbell create such spectacular spaces.

Juxtaposition is often used by placing objects and themes together to create a striking contrast in a home.

Having a traditional period property and not have a contemporary interior, is a myth, there is no reason why homeowners can’t transform something old into something new.

Victorian homes are full of unique character, open to elite design activities and they can be decked out with exclusive artwork.


In a recent interview, interior designer Louise Ives-Wilkinson said it was about mixing accessories and not being afraid to try things.

To start the decorative process, it is about making spaces open and bright, so get rid of the patterns and busy designs and make way for neutral colours.

Colours such as greys, whites and cream are becoming extremely popular and rightly so, it can give a room that clean finish to it.

Neutral colours can make a cluttered room feel open and spacious without the need of knocking through walls.

Many homeowners can be reluctant to change the features of Victorian homes, which is understandable but why not but show them off and restore them?


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