BBC Creative produces embroidered advertising campaign

To advertise the 2018 World Cup, BBC Creative produced an advertisement in which every scene is embroidered.

Behind the brilliant idea of creating a tapestry and turning it into an animation is the creative duo made of Xander Hart and Edward Usher. The brief they received was simple: focus on the historical significance of the World Cup.

Edward Usher admits in an interview for the Drum where the duo explains the process that went into the commercial that: “The World Cup is a hugely uniting moment for the nation”. And it is easy to see the impact of this highly acclaimed football tournament from their vibrant animation, which shows important figures such as Zinedine Zidane made out of thread.

The animation, directed by Nicos Livesey, presents a colour palette reminiscent of Russian culture, a colour palette that plays beautifully on the rhythms of the adjusted Russian folk song “Ochi Cherney”. But it isn’t “too Russian”. Xander Hart tells the Drum: “We wanted to keep it kind of contemporary”. And they did so by making an animation out of an enormous tapestry which records key moments from previous World Cups.

The reason why they worked with  thread is because they wanted to produce something long-lasting. In the same interview, Edward Usher says “We decided that we wanted to make a real tapestry because we thought it would be amazing to have something that would last”.

The duo created something durable not only for the screens, but also for the public to see in flesh. According to Creative Review, a 7 meter tapestry showcasing events from past World Cups together with this year’s tournament will be made public.

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